August 18, 2014

DD #60 - An Original Extreme Couponer

"A bargain is a bargain" was a lesson I learned early in life. My family was full of avid coupon collectors. I recall taking advantage of a sale by going to the same store multiple times or traveling to a different location of that store if their inventory was out. It seems that as soon as I was able to walk and talk, I was able to partake in the savings extravaganza. Each member of the family would get a coupon and the items needed to use that coupon. We would then cash in on the deals by going in separates lines to complete our purchases. We would  meet outside the store, pack up the car, and repeat the process at that store or drive to the next store and do the same thing.  These money-saving, day-long excursions seemed normal to me then, even though now I see them as tedious. I feel that these adventures are why now I barely pay attention to price and have more of a "grab and go" mentality when shopping. While I certainly recognize and understand the value of a dollar, I hope to avoid using my child as a coupon collector in the future.

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