August 28, 2014

Let's View the Zoo

Before 25 kindergarten friends join me next week, I thought you might be interested in seeing the classroom zoo before my new friends do some inevitable "redecorating." Seriously, the room will soon be covered with their amazing work, but here is the calm before the storm.  Enjoy!

Corner 1 - View from the door
Corner 2 -View from my desk - Who needs learning targets when you have Dargatz Targetz? :)
Corner 3- View from Guided Groups Table
Corner 4 - View from Creative Corner

Guided Groups Table - Notice the Ultimate Warrior on the far right :)
Writer's Wall - Soon to be plastered with student work
Mathlete Wall with championship belt for the Math Champ of the Week
Library - Hard to see, but the table is painted with famous characters from children's literature
Carpet time 
Who wants to play? Plenty of housekeeping, blocks, and legos.  I do need to work on my wardrobe , the rack on the top left has some pirate costumes, one sportscoat, and about a dozen tutus.  I will be adding more fun clothing soon.

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