August 13, 2014

One More Day Until the Racing Sausage Reveal. . . .

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow, the poll on my readers favorite racing sausage officially comes to a close. The winning wiener will have a special blog post focusing on the intricacies of that particular sausage. ***The Mascot Code allows some information to be kept privy to sausages only.*** That reveal however is only the start.  At the end of that "sausage story,"  all readers will be encouraged to ask questions about the sausages, from the actual race to entertaining the crowd pre-game, and to making special appearances out in the community.  Questions will be complied, answered, and revealed in a blog entry next week.  Think of your questions. . .and read tomorrow's entry to see how you can FINALLY have all of  your sausage questions answered.  Thanks for participating!

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