September 1, 2014

The Annual Give and Take

The end of summer is always bittersweet. The beginning of the new school year is always exciting. This annual give and take is a ritual for educators and though summer ending can bring about feelings of sadness, a classroom full of anxious learners won't let you remember the past and instead help you build an incredible future. 

Summer gave me many things.

It gave me precious rest from the stresses and non-stop action of the kindergarten classroom.

It gave me time to work on things that are of interest to me, mainly writing and hiking.

It gave me time to recharge and refocus on the future.

But most importantly, it gave me the gift of time.  Time with my daughter.  Time to watch her grow and see her discover. Time to experience with her and see myself grow as a person because of her. Time that is more valuable than words could ever attempt to describe.

It was truly the Summer of Embry.

Summer also took from me.  Let me rephrase that, my daughter also took from me.

She took my boredom. Hard to be bored when every second of every day is filled with action. Trips to the zoo, hikes on the trails, and lazy days in the backyard.

She took my free time. Though she was an active and engaged passenger in many summer activities, any projects I had planned for home improvement or general maintenance had to approved by her schedule. I wrote during her naps. I planned for school with her on my lap on many occasions.  But when she was ready to move, those plans were pushed aside.

Above it all, she took my heart. Though she had already taken it when she was born, she has now taken it to a faraway land and has hidden it with no intentions of ever giving it back.

Though this give and take is expected, I will certainly miss it. This was the best summer of my life and I can't think of a way to top it. . . at least not until next summer. 
Classic smile.
I've waited 33 years for a foul ball.  She got one after about 14 months.
Daily reading was a priority.
She couldn't find the macaroni.
Our little champion!
Love this picture!

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