September 15, 2014

DD #75 - Resident Evil

This zombie-slaughtering action adventure game inspired me to earn and save money. Once I discovered this game and the joys of Playstation, I aimed to become employed and acquire it as soon as humanly possible. My friends and I started playing this game one summer day and pretty much played continuously until we defeated it. Because we didn't own a memory card, we logged many hours repeating the same scenes over and over. The lows of dying and having to start over again were only overpowered by the giddy excitement we felt when opening a new door or discovering a new twist. I even went as far as purchasing a step-by-step guide book to ensure I could defeat the game. This game opened up a realm of exciting gaming options for my friends and I.  We got hyped for other similar type games such as Clock Tower and Disruptor.  We read reviews for upcoming games, including Resident Evil sequels.  We even bashed the movie version of the game since we felt it fell short of the drama and intensity the game provoked in us.Though just a game, it connected us and will always remind me of the times we spent together.

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