September 2, 2014

Day One of Fun, Fun, Fun

Were there tears?  Yes.

Bloodshed?  Minimal.  

Laughter and smiles.  Without question.

The first day of school is always memorable, especially for kindergartners. Teachers however may choose to forget these days. :)

Though extremely exhausted and ready for bed as of about 5:45 (seriously), today was a great day! My new favorite "knuckleheads" are full of energy, but that energy tends to ooze into me, so I am sure I'll be high-kicking and singing throughout the year (sorry colleagues).

Despite it being day 1, it was relatively uneventful.  The only behavior issue was one little friend calling another friend a "boogerhead" while one little lady chose to dump her snack over the floor because it wasn't her favorite flavor.  Other than that, they smiled, they listened (as well as 5 year olds do on the first day of school), and they seemed to be happy.

I'll take it.  Only 179 to go.

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