September 11, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #72 - Just a Little Kennel Cough

When my roommates and I were given permission to adopt a cat, we wasted little time and left for the Humane Society.  Though one roommate was reluctant, he was overruled.  Once again, majority ruled when choosing which cat to take home.  Josh wanted an older, long-haired cat. Mike and I had our eyes on a freshly turned one-year-old orange and white cat named Thorogood.  When we visited him and he made the cutest little sneeze, it was game over. Who knew that that tiny sneeze would be so expensive and emotional?  That first night, we renamed him Ozzie while reviewing characters from our movie collection. However, the honeymoon period was short-lived as Ozzie wasn't eating or drinking. It turns out what the Humane Society staff called "just a little kennel cough" was a respiratory infection that caused us great stress in our first few weeks together. We force-fed him one piece of food at a time and gave him water through an IV bag and a needle under his skin. I woke up every night  to check his condition, hoping to avoid the worst. It took some time, but Ozzie bounced back and has become one of the best kitties ever.

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