September 15, 2014

DD #74 - We Put the FUN in dysfunction

My father's side of the family definitely puts the fun in dysfunction. While we all do sincerely love each other, we tend to antagonize and drive each other crazy even more. This crazy dysfunction is no more evident than during the classic takeaway bingo extravaganzas hosted by my aunt and uncle. After a dinner full of conversations about the latest ailments and family gossip, it's time to play. We turn a simple game of BINGO into frustration, complaining, and utter confusion. Basically, for every BINGO called, the winner gets to pick a prize.  After revealing their prize, they are subject to having it being taken away with any subsequent BINGO.  The prizes are dollar store items, trinkets, and the grand prize: $5 gas or grocery cards. Every year, the same pattern repeats itself.  My father has a comment for every number called. My aunt needs directions explained over and over yet still manages to complain about things being unfair. My cousin's wife tends to win a gift card and quit the game, causing the ire of many other family members. The cousins all sit back, laugh, and pray to God we don't turn into our parents. Until next time. . .

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