September 22, 2014

Just a Dream

Every child reaching their fullest potential is a dream of parents and teachers alike. However, children are not the same and fair is not always equal. What works for one child might actually be detrimental to another, even if implemented the same way. Teachers and parents doing the same thing each and every day to each and every child under their care would be a dream. And it would be a dream, because that is not reality. Figuring out what works best for each child is ongoing and ever-changing. Together, parents and teachers play vital roles in developing students and children into leaders for the next generation. It shouldn't be a power struggle or a competition. Parents need to parent and teachers need to teach if we want students to learn how to be successful individuals. Clear and consistent communication is crucial. Parents, teachers, and children need to understand their expectations. Likewise, everyone needs to know that all are adhering to them. Children will care to learn when adults learn to care.

Now, if the decision-makers in charge of molding the direction of our educational system would focus more on the crucial parent-teacher relationship rather than assessment scores, then maybe this dream could also become a reality.

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