September 7, 2014

Book Look - Books that Hold a Special Place in My Heart

In a similar style of the AL Ice Bucket Challenge, a new phenomena is taking over the social media world. My good friend challenged me to list 10 influential books. I was excited for the challenge until I started putting books sown on paper.  Then, it became very difficult. Whittling it down to 10 was a arduous task, one which I still haven't accomplished. Though I wanted to include some of the paperback comics I have in a huge collection in my basement, I felt Charlie Brown, Hagar the Horrible, Beetle Bailey, and all of my other other funny friends could make a different list someday. I did narrow it down to 12, so here you go. . . .in a particular order.

12.  Not sure of this really counts as a book, since it is more of a collection but I couldn't keep it out. This collection of tales and poems is definitely unexpected if you know my personality. I tend to be a  fun-loving, laid back and silly guy. . .or basically the complete opposite of this author. Either way, the dark side that he shows off in his tales and poems always have intrigued me. 

11. Yes, I am not a fan of the baseball personality this book shadows. Yes, I am aware the team that is the center of this book is an arch rival of my beloved Brewers. Yes, I know that by reading this book, I looked onto this manager's inner thoughts and sort of got to know him as a baseball strategist (though I still dislike him). Regardless, this book looked at the heat of a pennant chase in a very detailed and mesmerizing way.  All baseball enthusiasts should take a look.

10. I highly doubt anyone reading this has even read this book, but having been an employee at a zoo, for upwards of a decade, this behind-the-scenes look at how a zoo is run from all aspects is close to my heart and despite being in a different zoo in a different part of the country, it is also true to my experience.

9. I didn't read this book until I became a teacher. In fact, I didn't read any of the amazing stories told by this author until I was planning a 4th grade author study on him. Though many are excellent and unique, the fact that I was able to create many voices and personalities because of this book made this one most memorable. Plus, whizzpopping can be fun. :)

8. To be honest, I didn't really realize this was a book until I saw the movie. As the old adage says, the book is always better. This is true, and I LOVE this movie. This book also increased my interest in history, especially the fur trade era. Gosh, I am a geek.

7. A simple story with a huge lesson that both kids and adults can be reminded of every once in a  while.

6. As I just mentioned, the book is usually better than the movie. It's ridiculous how true this is for this book.  The movie was awful.  I was so excited for the film because of my joy in reading this 4-book series (though the third book was actually an unnecessary prequel). This book has a mixture of elements from the classic The Giver and the present-day Divergent trilogy. The way my students got hooked on it made it even more fun to read again and again.

5. This book has stood the test of time. Having been written in the 1950's along with a few sequels, this series was hard to put down. This book involves things I love to read about, nature, survival, and friendship. Being a very involved nature-enthusiast now, I can honestly thank this story for inspiring and maintaining my love of the outdoors.

4. A thrilling story about an amazing baseball player and even more fantastic person. For chronicling his inspirational life, outstanding accomplishments on the diamond, and truly motivating experience chasing a storied record, this book is a must-read for anyone and everyone.

3. Books can say a lot without having many words. This book has many amazing features that I love. Awesome alliteration. Powerful poetry. Incredible illustrations. Hidden images and never-ending surprises. If you ever want to learn about some of the secrets I have uncovered so far, don't hesitate to ask.

2. One of my favorite chapter books I read as a child is my absolute favorite chapter book to read as a teacher. Though the first book's vocabulary, description, and voice stands out, the remaining books in this survival adventure series are remarkable.

1. This might be an odd choice for my most influential book, but as far as I can remember, falling in love with this book was a huge factor in me becoming a regular visitor to the library and bookstores. It technically isn't a reading book, but regardless, I still enjoy it to this day and look forward to sharing the joy it provides with my daughter.

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