September 29, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #81 -Zoomobiling

I was lucky to have an awesome gig at the zoo.  I was paid quite handsomely to enjoy the sunshine and talk to zoo guests about the animals. I aimed to be informative and entertaining and loved the days where I could give a casual, detailed tour.  Busy, congested days and night events may have lessened the overall zoomobile experience, but I always aimed to do the best I could in every situation. While repeating the same speech can be robotic and boring, I tried to liven it up with corny jokes and focused on providing specific locations of the animals and commentary about specific things that the guests might see on that tour. In between tours, I had tons of fun with my fellow drivers, gained muscle mass transferring and filling propane tanks, and occasionally enjoyed behind the scenes tours with zookeepers. I learned about the Humboldt penguins, toured Winter Quarters, and got up close and personal with the polar bears. I miss being able to zoom around the grounds and see my favorite animals each and every day. I am glad I learned so much and am lucky to have such an awesome experience jam-packed with fun memories.

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