September 16, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #76 - Mold-a-Rama Mania

People go nuts over mold-a-ramas. I know I did and kind of still do. While I don't have my own personal collection at home, I get them for my classroom. Working at the zoo, I got an inside look at how the whole mold-a-rama machines work. I loved those afternoons when I would take a golf cart for a ride, do a CP (cash pickup), fill the machines with the plastic pellets and shots of dye, and test them all to make sure they all worked properly. I would grab the precious (and only) set of mold keys, grab the money bags from the cashroom, and start the adventure. Even though I once left a money bag right on top of the machine and it happened to be discovered by the big boss, I earned back the trust of my boss and became a molds man before eventually moving on to zoomobile. I remember writing the numbers on the clipboard, troubleshooting maintenance issues,  and catching the fascination of guests who stopped to check out the inside of the machine or the wads of cash I collected from them. Molds was a unique task I'm thankful I had the opportunity to do.

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