September 17, 2014

DD #78 - Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

Stealing money was as common to the zoo as animals were. I felt ashamed at the actions of my cohorts and frustrated that little seemed to be done to prevent the thievery. I just couldn't understand how others could be so blatantly deceitful. When the zoo attempted to start "fixing the problem," I was hopeful things would change. A new policy stated that if someone handling money was at least $2 off when counting out at the end of their day, they would get written up.  Multiple write-ups led to a loss of being scheduled at cash-handling positions and/or potential termination. Being a bit of a worrywart, I was very nervous when on the first day of the implementation of this policy, I was train's ticketseller and ended up being $2 short on a nearly $8,000 day. Not wanting to get written up on day 1, I did the unthinkable and took money out of my wallet and added it to the till to balance the cash. This policy ended up not really having teeth and the cash kept pouring out of our department, but I wonder what would happen if other employees followed my lead and sacrificed instead of stole?

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