September 14, 2014

DD #73 - Turtle Tragedies

I loved having aquatic turtles. They were fun to watch, but a great deal of work. They provided many memories, though some were forgettable. My collection started with a red-eared slider named Donk. He needed a friend so I got Dink. Shortly after Dink's arrival, Donk went to turtle heaven.  Not wanting Dink to be alone, I acquired two new hatchlings: Dunk and Doink. The three turtles lived together for some time before my wife found a painted turtle in the road, who I ended up adopting and naming Mojo. Eventually, he joined the others. Doink, renamed Big Mama, was an aggressive bully that nipped the others, leaving them with shortened tails. I  once found Big Mama nibbling on a deceased Dink. Dunk had a prolapsed rectum issue which led to an emotional release in an area pond. When Fred joined the turtle party, I had two painted turtles. They laid eggs, though I only found out when I discovered Doink consuming them. When I came home to find Mojo headless courtesy of Big Mama, my aquatic turtle career was over. Doink went to a local pet store and Fred was adopted by a student. I am a tortoise man now.

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