September 24, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #80 - Scrapeline

My first college job was at Pop's Club, a dormitory cafeteria. I would sign up for certain shifts that had specific duties. I stocked the snack area, cashiered (and regrettably gave discounts to pretty girls in a pathetic way to get their attention), and worked scrapeline, the term used to describe the workers handling the dirty dishes. The scrapeline was essentially the conveyor belt that workers lined up on as customers placed their trays of dirty dishes, half-eaten entrees, and wrappers. Typically, their were four scrapeliners who had specific tasks.  The first person pulled cups, the second grabbed silverware, the third grabbed trash, and the last one rinsed and sorted dishes for the massive dishwasher.  I remember being a scrapeline-4 on the Friday evening shift. I remember seeing one of my fellow scrapeliners enjoying some of the remnants others left behind while the same Beatles song, The Long and Winding Road, seemed to be on repeat the whole night. I was amazed at how much waste there was and how immature and irresponsible college students were.  Food was mashed together recklessly and many ID's and even keys were left on trays. The scrapeline was a disgusting, yet memorable place to be.

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