September 18, 2014

DD #79 - Family Advice

My crazy uncle once said he was the best role model because all you have to do is the exact opposite of what he did. He gave quite graphic sexual advice to my cousins and I when we were about 10. He also professed his belief that both evolution and creation were true, depending on the race of the person. His ignorant beliefs weren't too hard to understand when you knew about his upbringing. My grandpa once scolded my cousin and I for liking Charles Barkley because he was the wrong color. That same grandfather loved the Cubs but wished certain players would "go back to their country". My angry uncle isn't happy unless he's complaining about heating the whole neighborhood, feeding everyone else, and having a "yellow" car when someone needs a ride. Many members have been known to be gossipy. Then still again others tends to take important details in stories and either share them inappropriately or add imaginary details to them to make the story more exciting and/or confusing. And believe it or not, this is the side of my family that I actually talk to regularly. Let's just say the communication techniques of my family are unique.

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