January 27, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #123 - The Other Peter D

In the very formative year of high school, freshman year, lockers at Milwaukee Lutheran were assigned and distributed alphabetically in the math wing. I happened to be right outside the weight room and across from my algebra room. Being a bit shy and not quite sure how to expand my social circle, I usually waited for others to make the first move. Every once in a while, I would be at my locker transitioning in between classes when someone would mention my name from behind me and I would look in anticipation to find out who it was only to be disappointed.  The students with the locker directly to my left also happened to have the same first name. Time after time, my adrenaline rush of excitement turned into embarrassed disappointment as he was quite popular and I was forgettable. However, if I end up being remembered, I will probably end up being mistaken for.  My last name was also similar to a gentlemen named Brian and in my yearbook that year, the forgettable Peter Dargatz was listed as Brian Dargatz.  I guess those who do remember will only be confused to find out there was no Peter Dargatz freshman year.

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