January 19, 2015

Dadventures #12 - Diaper Derby

What's the first thing you do when your child learns to crawl? Grab your video camera? Baby proof everything in sight? Not me. I registered my daughter for the Milwaukee Bucks Diaper Derby, an in-game promotion involving crawling babies racing for Huggies. Funny thing is, a reply with an invitation came back almost instantly. The night of the competition, we were ready. We had crawled up hills (or hallways) and in all terrains (hardwood floors and carpet). Each competitor was allowed to bring one motivational tool with them to the race. I brought the newly-acquired and very intriguing sippy cup. When we reached the starting line and sized up our competition, it was obvious we were the underdog. When I saw the dreaded puffs as the motivational item used in the lane right next to me, I prepared for the worst. No matter how fascinating my sippy cup was, I realized that once my daughter locked eyes on the puffs, she would be off her game. However, once the race commenced, she set aside distractions and came in a strong second place behind a much more experienced foe. Either way she didn't wail and I have an awesome memory. Victory.

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