January 13, 2015

Dadventures #11 - Furniture Fun

When it came to getting ready for the baby's arrival, an important element was the decision for the theme of the room. With a deep love for animals, my wife and I couldn't have had an easier decision to make. It would be zoo-themed. That easy decision became much more challenging when we were both completely overwhelming with the choices of furniture and accessories that complemented this idea. Babies are small, but their basic needs and "recommended" supplies are limitless. After choosing some very cute and pertinent supplies, it was off to IKEA (AKA hell on Earth) to finish off the baby's room with a dresser, bookshelf, and crib. Shopping in that commercial box of death was only the tip of the frustration iceberg. Getting home, deciphering the directions disguised as hieroglyphics and wishing on a star everything matches up was truly a painful experience. In an afternoon that felt like an entire weekend, I finished off the construction so that the decorating and accessorizing could begin. That was the fun part! Even though Embry loves her animal paintings, stuffed animal zoo, and animal figurines, I can't help but enjoy them with her. We might have a future zoo worker.

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