January 20, 2015

Classroom Zoo #21 - They Drive Me Nuts. . .and I Love it!

On any particular school day, I probably hear my name over 300 times. Occasionally, one student will, just keep repeating it in an attempt to get my attention, especially if I am already engaged with another person. After giving directions at least three times and ritually having the students repeat the directions back to me, rest assured, one student will raise their hand and ask something that had literally just been answered. It is as if raising your hand causes ears to close.

It is a daily occurrence when a student asks for a snack, not because they are missing theirs, but because they didn't like what had been packed by their parents.

Students knowingly and unknowingly do things that drive teachers crazy. Some realize it and feel ashamed. Others realize it and get giddy. Still others never figure it out. Regardless of what they do and why they do it, teachers love them for who they are and for who they are becoming in the classroom, both academically and socially.

I can tell story after story about kids and situations that drive me absolutely bonkers. But that is exactly why I love what I do. Everyday is an adventure.

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