January 26, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #122 -Card Collecting Call In

Collecting sports cards was a passion of mine in my youth.  I aimed for completing sets, finding the coolest  card, and collecting my favorite players.  I was enthralled with sorting, organizing, and trading for new cards with my cousins.  A new pack was a new adventure and I would venture to different stores and card shows to find cards to add to my collection. My most frequently visited shop was Capital Collectibles, nestled next to the pet store at Mayfair Mall. At least weekly, I would make my visit.  I always got excited seeing the new selections and spent many moments critically analyzing what to purchase. As I became more familiar with the store, I became a listener to the call in show it sponsored Sunday nights.  I even was able to call in and win a $20 gift certificate for answering a trivia question. I remember feeling so accomplished the first time I won.  I answered some random Packer question by looking in a yearbook I had recently bought at a family trip to the Packer Hall of Fame. Though my collector days are through, maybe I will be able to share the same passion with my own children.

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