January 2, 2015

DD #116 - DATCP

I was officially a Consumer Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Trade & Consumer Protection. I worked out of the Consumer Information Center at the DATCP main offices off of Stoughton Road in Madison. While my initial responsibilities were coding and filing complaints, I did eventually make consumer calls and write brochures accessible through the state's website. Some days were filing and more filing.  Other days were coding complaints according to their type and distributing among the full time specialists.  Still other days involved calling consumers to obtain information regarding their state-required written complaints. While I dealt with a wide array of consumer protection issues, the bulk dealt with the No Call list, Nigerian e-mail scams, and travel/timeshare consumer traps. I was also lucky enough to research and create literature regarding the expiration dates and general question and answers about gift cards, especially those with out of business companies. I was offered a position to stay on for pay after my internship requirements and work towards a full time position in the Wauwatosa offices upon graduation. I was the next Wisconsin consumer to complain because as soon as I was offered a position, it was cut from the state budget.

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