January 7, 2015

Dadventures#9 - Sleep. . .Oh Precious Sleep!

"Sleep now, you're gonna need it." My wife and I heard this so many times while we were expecting. Almost to the point of annoyance. Yet, looking back, if I were actually capable of banking sleep, I would do it in a second. I have always loved sleep. But now, I love it even more. Every single second. One would think nights without having to care for the child would lead to drinking and debauchery. Nope. They lead to sleep. Lots of it. Nothing is more soul-crushing than finally laying a child down to sleep and catching a few winks of sleep before an ear piercing scream of terror reverberates through the house. jolting to into a zombie-like stage of terror where all you can do is hope it is all a dream. When the wailing persists, you meander out of bed, hoping to avoid plummeting to physical peril while following the screams through a maze of toys and darkness. However, children do adjust. Of course, illness and routine changes can erase all progress and regress you back to the point where you are questioning if that little bundle of joy is worth the nights of stupefied sleeplessness. It is.

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