January 6, 2015

Classroom Zoo #19 - Dargatz Dollars

Motivating children in this attention-spanless world is akin to herding cats. I use a variety of tools to engage them in my lessons and build positive rapport with them in every atmosphere. Building positive and trusting relationships is at the core of my work with each child but even the strongest relationships need an occasional "carrot" every once in a while. I have tried humor. My goofy personality and general clumsiness make me funny (or at least funny looking) even without much effort. I do silly things, whether it be fie minute moments of silly games , music, dancing, or a combination of all three during much needed brain breaks. I am known for giving my students (and adults) nicknames. I avoid bribery, though my classroom economy sometimes feels like it. To help my students understand and hopefully appreciate the value of a dollar, they can earn Dargatz Dollars. Now because I love comic strips, my money doesn't showcase Presidents and American historical figures, it displays people I tend to trust more, like Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, and Charlie Brown.  Students earned money for completing classroom jobs, performing acts of kindness, and winning the now defunct lottery. Money talks.

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