January 25, 2015

A Reader's Review

2015's third book is wrapped up and I went back to a nature-themed inspirational (and at times depressing ) tale of the plight and progress of America's forests. The Dying of the Trees, by Charles Little detailed many different forest types and factors (albeit some unfounded by definition) influencing their decline across the country.  

From clear cutting to invasive species, ozone depletion to acid rain, many potential and certain causes of tree death were described and detailed along with a myriad of potential solutions such as  massive replanting efforts, legislative and educational efforts, elimination of deadly herbicides, and a very intriguing method of "rock dusting," or spreading rock dust normally caused by glaciers over forested areas to spurn regrowth much like has happened after previous Ice Ages.

With a mix of environmentalism, politics, and the up and down relationship of these bedfellows, The Dying of the Trees eloquently explained debatable factors about controversial topics such as acid rain, global warming, and federal legislation, 

Being a fan of the forest, the stories told made me sad at times, angry at others, but in the end, hopeful. I learned a great deal and look forward to learning more about and experiencing our country's tree treasures in the future.

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