January 8, 2015

Dadventures #10 - Sausage Racing

With my mascoting background most prolifically being a famous racing sausage for the Milwaukee Brewers, it was natural that I would expose my child to the world of racing wieners. Never did I know how enamored she would become with these overgrown frankfurters. When she was born, I decided to hang up my bun and enter the world of retired wiener. However, my fascination with them continued and I hope to bestow my appreciation for them to my daughter. Every game we watched on TV, we paid special attention to every sausage appearance. Every game we attended, we spent time at the sausage statue in the kids area. Luckily, we have season tickets right on the aisle, so after every race, they scamper up within reach of her tiny hands. She was mesmerized. Her excitement led to bursts of giddiness whenever a sausage was pictured on the big screen. Because her happiness increased my happiness, when a chance came to record a live sausage race form a game on television, I grabbed the remote and recorded. I can't count how many times we have watched it, but every time, it gets her going and she lights up. Enjoy the show!

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