January 15, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #120 - Concert Shenanigans

I am a huge music fan, so it makes sense that I have attended numerous concerts growing up. Whether it was getting soaked at Red Hot Chili Peppers, craving milk after Staind, or getting hit in the lower abdomen from a Mark Tremonti ping pong smash backstage at Creed, I have loved attending concerts since seeing The Smashing Pumpkins at the Marcus in my mid-teenage years. I have witnessed concerts at huge venues to concerts in bars. From the classical guitar of Clapton to the costume-clad Cold, I've seen a tremendous variety of music. I have parked in the sea of vehicles at Alpine Valley, walked many blocks to avoid the quagmire that follows concerts at the Rave and traveled long distances to Rock USA in Oshkosh to see music. I have fallen in love with bands at the tiniest of venues, like Little Blue Crunchy Things at The Rathskeller in Madison and been an ant in a sea of people, like at Foo Fighters at Summerfest.  I have witnessed domestic disturbances, teenage brawls, drugs-a-plenty, and many over-served individuals while taking in the music. Live music is a release of energy that doesn't disappoint. I wonder who I will see next?

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