January 2, 2015

Dadventures #6 - Psychologically Pregnant

In my excitement for fatherhood, I was eager to check out books from the library to find out how I could help in the pregnancy process. Information overload quickly set in, However, one nugget of genius still sticks with me today. While my wife was enduring the physical aspects of pregnancy, I was feeling the stressors, anticipation, and overall anxieties of being psychologically pregnant. Now ladies, before you come through your computer screen and try to slap and/or strangle me, let me assure you I thought this was gobbledygook when I first read it. However, as I read on, it started to make sense. I did feel anxiety over things I might normally ignore. I began to think with a more "long-term, big picture" mentality. I did put on some baby weight. I say this not to make a joke, but to assure everyone that being an expecting father is more than simply a sperm donor. While what I went through pales in comparison to what my wife experienced and I am forever indebted to her supreme power and ability, I didn't slouch my way through pregnancy. And by the way, I am still trying to work off that baby weight.

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