January 9, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #118 - Musical Modifications

Purchasing a house was one of the most responsible and major decisions I have ever made.  I remember the butterflies when waiting to hear back from our realtor about our offer.  I remember putting in certain requests with our offer as our "house-to-be" was in need of updates and improvements. Finally, though, it was ours.  Then, the real fun began. It seemed like renovation after renovation took over all of our free time. From that first project of roofing to the final "big one," the kitchen renovation, we seemed to be in a constant state of renovation from the time we got the house.  We racked up thousands of dollars in purchases at Menard's, learned (and forgot) many skills, learned (and cringed upon hearing) words like romex connectors, soffit, tile cutter, and shim, and came up with what we considered a genius idea:  renovation music. We took mainstream songs and replaced the lyrics with home improvement terms.  For example, Shout became Grout. I'm All Out of Love transformed into I'm All Out of Mud. Maybe our idea is corny, but belting these hits alleviated the pain and misery of renovation after renovation.  I wonder what our next song will be?

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