February 5, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #124 - Mistaken Identity

Over the years, people have told me I resemble someone else.  I've been likened to Adam Sandler and former Brewers southpaw Doug Davis. Oddly enough, I've also been told I look like a principal of mine, though he is African American. These mistaken identities started at a young age. Apparently, I looked like an elementary school chum named Patrick. Our similarities ended there as I was certainly a teacher's pet and he tended to be a goofball. I was no means innocent, but the shenanigans I engaged in in grade school paled in comparison to his track record with teachers. Unfortunately, those personality differences didn't save me as one of our third grade teachers often confused us and tended to confuse herself in the process. She would yell at Patrick, but called him Peter. Similarly, she would sent me away at times because students tattled on Patrick and she thought I was Patrick. On one occasion, she seemed to be so confused that she didn't know who to chide and both Patrick and I got sent out of the room without really ever figuring out why we were in trouble and what either of us did in the first place.

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