February 18, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #127 - Musical Influences

Music has been and will always be an influential part of my life. That being said, not all music "influences" my behavior in the best ways. I might have been guilty of singing inappropriate booty-related songs in the presence of my infant daughter while changing diapers. I might have taken popular songs and changed lyrics to connect with whatever activity activity I am engrossed in at the moment. FYI- my wife and I have an entire album of home improvement parodies. Speaking of my wife, she will probably be the first to inform my reading audience of my wonderful ability of absolutely kiling a song by singing, humming, and/or whistling it (mostly off key) over and over as I meander through the house. My high school baseball buddies know my affinity of Europe's Final Countdown. Anyone who has attended a wedding with me knows of my addiction to Darude's Sandstorm. In either of these case, first, I apologize. Secondly, I plead the fifth to my behavioral reactions to these songs being played. Lastly, I look forward to the next time either of these absoloute gems are played in my presence. For your sake, I hope you aren't around.

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