February 19, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #128 - UPS Dreams. . . or Nightmares

People say your dreams can tell you a lot about you. I can only imagine what my two main childhood dreams say about me. Both are strangely connected by a UPS truck and tragedy. In my early adolescence, one dream dealt with the regular wiffle ball games I played with my pop. We would be playing a game when all of a sudden, a large siren sounded. The siren meant the UPS truck was coming and we needed to rush to my front stoop to safety. It was no ordinary truck. It barreled down my street with angry eyes and gnashing teeth. The dream always ended the same. I made it my stoop just to turn around and see my dad being swallowed up by the monster truck. My second dream occurred regularly during my high school years. My algebra teacher, who was a pizza delivery man over summer, randomly delivers a pizza to my door, but doesn't stay to receive payment. I call out to him to get his attention only to see him turn around and get hit by a UPS truck. UPS's slogan is "What Can Brown Do for You?" I guess my answer would be terrify.

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