February 23, 2015

Dadventures #13 - A New Pet???

Bringing a baby home to an already established zoo was and continues to be adventurous. For a handful of years, the animals had sized up each other to form a hierarchy. Ozzie, the eldest housepet, was king before baby, and tries to remain on the throne to this day. Two other felines, apathetic a best, are in the midst of a continual hide and seek game with us. Nugget, the first dog to enter the fray, took an instant interest in the child. He even reluctantly gives up his spot on my lap when the child requests it. . Though he is by far the biggest of the animals, Brewzer, is the most easily spooked. He is genuinely interested in what is going on, as long as he is a safe distance from the action. Winston is a tortoise. As long as he gets fresh lettuce, he could care less what is going on.  The animal/child relationship grows daily. Canine wariness vanished as soon as they realized a baby was a constant source of snacks. The cats are fine as long a s a tail grab can be avoided. The turtle still gets his lettuce, so he is all good. 

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