February 17, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #126 - Retirement Party Emcee

I've been told I am full of energy. I've also been told I am very positive. Maybe these qualities led to my invitation to be the emcee at retirement dinners for my teaching colleagues.  I, of course, turned this opportunity into a chance to roast my peers and even embarrass myself in the process. One year, I wore multiple layers of shirts and stripped each one off to reveal a new shirt which represented the retiree in some way. One year, I did a similar thing with pants. Silly poems, wacky songs, and occasional jabs at audience members aside, I was honored to be chosen to lighten the mood of the crowd and show my appreciation for fellow teachers.  I remember the "crap" poem we recited for one teacher and revealing my teddy bear t-shirt and American flag pants for another. Planning these bits is stressful, though delivering them is a ton of fun, even when I slip up along the way. With all the embarrassment I've been able to deliver to others, I can only imagine what could be in store for me when it is my turn to hang up the lesson planner and call it a career.

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