February 24, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #129 - Movie Tournaments

Young men can be stubborn, indecisive and immature. However, on occasion, they can also be creative and display ingenuity. While living with two other creative souls, an epic moment of creative clarity was reached. Being sports enthusiasts, my roommates and I showed executed a very scientific method of determining what movie to watch that was sure to end all debates and lead to a decision all involved could live with: the movie tournament. Interested individuals would choose a variety of movies.  Then, at random, the movies would square off against one another with the majority advancing to the next level.  Basically, this was March Madness for movie watching. Angst was felt when a person's own movie choices faced each other.  Agony incurred as the final selection of an individual was voted off and thrown into the DVD abyss. Pure joy and anticipation felt by all as film after film was eliminated, leaving nerve-racking decisions ahead. However, as the final movie was laid to rest and the victor remained, it was crucial that all voting participants stay honest and abide by the predetermined rule that all decisions were final. The movie tournament meant nothing if fidelity wasn't adhered to throughout the process.

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