February 16, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #125 -Dress Up Day Disaster

I missed just a handful of school days my educational career. When I was absent, my return was often memorable for the wrong reasons. I missed a Tuesday during a special themed-week where every day was a special dress up day. On Wednesday, it was dress like your future job day, at least I thought it was. I put on my full little league uniform which was bright yellow that year. I even wore my stirrups and spikes.  I was so excited I even accessorized and brought my bat and wore eye black to really stand out.  Boy, did I ever. You see, that week, I missed Tuesday due to illness.  I missed dress like your dream job today and instead came to school dressed like a ballplayer on dress up in your finest day. As my peers came to school in suits and ties and beautiful, ornate dresses, I showed up ready to take an at bat. This embarrassing mix-up was magnified as Wednesdays was chapel day meaning my faux pas would not be seen by just my classmates and surrounding classrooms.  Rather, I stood out like a banana in a sea of suits in our school-wide chapel service.

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