February 26, 2015

Dadventures #14 - Newborn Pictures

Take a picture, it lasts longer couldn't be more true when dealing with kids. They grow up so fast, change so quickly, and tend to be stubborn when you ask them to do something again, simply so that you can photograph them. Within a week of my daughter's birth, a newborn photographer arrived at our house with tons of adorable accessories to help capture our newest bundle of joy in all her glory. Too bad she decided to sleep through the whole session. Though we were initially disappointed, I'll take snoozing over screaming seven days a week. As the session went on, wardrobes were changes, lighting was tweaked, and accessories were added. And, of course, in my corny and silly way of thinking, I decided to bring in some additional "daddy" accessories to really show off my creative side. Unfortunately they didn't make the cut. I had the bright of idea of placing the child in a baseball glove. I also had a mini helmet and mini cheesehead I thought would make for an adrorable "sports-nut-in-training" picture. Initial disappointment once again took over my mentality, but a clearer mind and the arrival of the beautiful photos made the disappointment vanish.

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