March 1, 2015

A Reader's Review

Book 5 of 2015 definitely got me ready for some warmer weather. I have always loved history, nature, and Wisconsin. It is hard to think of a better place that encapsulates these things than one of my favorite places to visit: Old World Wisconsin.

This book describes the process, ansd what an arduous and contrioversial process it was, to get a living ethnic history museum up and running in Eagle, Wisconsin. From financial issues, inexperienced leadership, lack of funding, unexpected heat from the Eagle community. no money, bureaucratic inconsistencies, miscommunications, and did I mention the need for cash, Old World Wisconsin's tale is one that continues to unfold today.

I definitely have a new perspective on the inner workings of state and local government because of this book. I also better udnerstand how much hardship and dedication it takes to spring an idea into reality. In a  parallel kind of way. I came across this book as I was taking my own idea for a book and researching it so that it too may someday become a reality.

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