March 31, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #138 - One Hole Is Enough

Golf was just too boring.  Playing eighteen holes and carrying a bag around never intrigued me. I have only played one hole of golf to my recollection. It was a humid and blindingly bright sunny day and I agreed to accompany two friends on the course, though I was there for the fresh air and had no intentions of playing. Golf was just too slow. However, by the seventh hole, their verbal jabs about my inability to play left me no choice but to swing the clubs and see what happened. The hole in question was a par three at a distance of approximately 140 yards. I stepped to the tee and  let it fly with a club suggested to me by my friend. Six feet away! Golf was just too easy. I strutted up the fairway, let my buddies take a few extra shots to join me on the green, and waited to tap in my birdie. My tap was extra hard and ended up missing the hole completely, stopping further away than where it started.  Golf was just too frustrating. I did save face by putting in for par, but I knew then, golf was just too much.

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