March 3, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #131 - Love Hurts

All's well that ends well.  This is the absolute perfect phrase to sum up my love life. . . .or at least my attempted love life.  Being shy for essentially my entire life, meeting women and attempting to woo them usually led to embarrassment and defeat.  However, practice makes permanent and I eventually won the game of love.  But there were many, many defeats along the way. Unexpectedly going to see the movie Mad Love on my very first date. Getting a phone number form a girl the last day of freshman year, ignoring it, and seeing that girl "blossom" as a sophomore. Going to senior prom as a favor for a friend and ending up giving hope to a girl I barely knew who apparently took my kind gesture as intentions for romance. Crushing on one sister in college and asking her sister about what I should do, completely missing out on the fact that that sister I went to seek advice from was crushing on me. Pouring myself into attracting a girl only to find out her total intentions in hanging out with me were to learn about one of my buddies. I learned, and now, I love.

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