March 24, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #136 - Baseball on the Road

Going into enemy territory is always daunting in the world of professional sports. I have had the pleasure of encountering and surviving a number of these experiences. Biased I am, but I feel the baseball experience in my hometown of Milwaukee is one of the best experiences around.  That being said, some of my road trips have provided memories. The trip to Kansas City led to two heartbreaking defeats, but an above-average stadium and generally pleasant patrons, plus a postgame trip around the bases. Cincinnati always brought in a raucous environment, but the games were always competitive, the scene on the river was gorgeous, and the "Pooches in the Park" game was adorable. Forget historical perspective, Wrigley a dump, so there needs nothing else to be said. In a battle of beer-based stadiums, Coors Field and Busch Stadium pale in comparison to Miller Park, but both had their charms and very kind and friendly staff. Cleveland indeed does rock! The stadium is beautifully set right downtown, but the reason for my affinity of this stadium goes well beyond the Milwaukee connection to the epic film Major League, it was the site of the best Brewers comeback I have seen to date.

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