March 25, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #137 My (Almost) Major League Moment

I was an average ballplayer, though my ego would say otherwise. My versatility allowed me to play multiple positions, though I actually think my coaches had trouble finding the best spot for my unique and inconsistent athleticism. My senior year was a frustrating one. We were rich in underclassmen and while it was enjoyable molding the minds of younger ballplayers, the learning curve was full of bumps and bruises. However, just two years later, those same underclassmen led the team to back-to-back state titles, so it was well worth it, at least for them. That year did include a date with the ace stud of a conference foe who was being recruited by universities and pro teams alike. I played out of my mind that game. In fact, based on that performance, people thought I was playing with someone else's body as well. My highlight was actually an out. In front of the scouts, with a future minor-leaguer on the mound, I hit the farthest ball of my life, only to have it snared at the fence in dead centerfield. I still remember the face of my coach. He was almost as shocked as I was. Just one more foot!

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