March 11, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #133 - The Cold Chill of Victory

Two times in my illustrious sports-witnessing career have I been fortunate enough to participate in a promotional contest. Both times were at hockey events. Both times I was victorious. The initial experience was at a Badger game attended with my buddy Josh.  We secured a spot in the shoot and pass competition during the first intermission.  Basically, Josh stood in one faceoff circle and passed to me on the opposite side so I could shoot. Apparently, our listening ears were not on during instructions because it look the announcer saying "10 seconds left" before we realized the competition had a time limit.  Luckily, our lack of rushing led to precision passing and sharpshooting, ultimately sending us to victory and 10 feet of party subs.  It took another dozen years (and countless Admiral games) before I was pulled back into on ice competition. In this game, I was given a sequence of grocery items on the jumbotron and had 20 seconds to recall at least five items. Luckily, the store in question was one I frequented and the items displayed were ones I regularly purchased, leading me to $20 in gift cards for that store. I love the cold chill of victory!

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