March 2, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #130- Little League

Baseball has always been an important passion in my life. Little league may have been the unofficial start of this passion.  My Tosa League career spanned nearly a decade.  Through out the years, I advanced through the levels and played for a variety of teams.  In Rookie league, I began as a Piston (gray & red) before advancing to the World league and wearing the Seahawks colors (dark blue).  In the American league, I was a Twin (yellow) while I finished up my little league career as a member of the Rockies (light blue) in the National league. I remember my coaches Wong, Boomer, Ward, and Samson.  I played at Wisconsin Avenue Park, the field by the mental health complex, behind Longfellow Middle School, and by Underwood Elementary.  I played on first place teams, last place teams, and all star teams. In anticipation, I dressed up hours ahead of each game and scoured the local Wauwatosa News Times to see if my statistics made it into the weekly report. Having my grandpa give me a dollar for each base I reached: motivating.  Holding a record with five 
strikeouts in an inning: moot. Reminiscing about my time as a little leaguer: memorable

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