October 30, 2014

DD #94- Groin Kick & the Oil Slick

Some summers at the zoo were spent supervising the admission gates. I spent time staffing the gates, making change, getting cash pickups, putting up and taking down the flags, handling customer complaints, splitting cars, and doing other assorted duties needed to help the zoo. I wasn't the only supervisor and on busy days, both of us worked together. Though my relationship with Jeannine started off as a one-way crush, we  grew quite close and become close friends. Verbal aggravation and insults was a key element in my communication with my acquaintances. Jeannine usually chimed right in and we often had lots of fun one-upping each other. One day, this verbal exchange got physical. While I don't remember the insult I hurled her way, I do regret where I was when I said it. I stood behind her as I teased her and she jokingly kicked back, not knowing the strength of her kick and the proximity of my groin to her foot. I fell limp and writhed for a few moments in one of the environmentally-friendly oil slicks that pooled between each of the drive-in gates. While the insults between us didn't end there, I definitely kept a safer distance.

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