October 18, 2014

DD #88 - Forget Oil. . . Water and Peter Don't Mix

Water and I just don't get along. Before you get any ideas, I shower regularly and enjoy a good thunderstorm and waterslide, so that isn't the issue. I don't consider myself hydrophobic, but am certainly hydro-uncomfortable. Throw me in deep water, and I'll flail with terrible precision to backstroke my way to safety, but try to get me to tread water and you will surely fail. I can't say when and how water and I parted ways, but apparently, I was a wreck at youth swim classes. I haven't recovered. I barely passed swimming class in high school and tend to wade and relax when given recreational water opportunities as an adult. Swimming is just the start. I went fishing once. I caught a fish by having the poor thing swim its eye right into my hook. I carefully disconnected it from the hook, released it, and watched it flop for a few seconds before perishing. On one of my few kayaking adventures, I focused so much on not capsizing that I ignored the upcoming raging rocky rapids that pummeled me and the low-hanging branch that clotheslined me. Maybe this is the reason I am so enthralled with terrestrial hiking. 

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