October 27, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #91 - Los Perdedors de Inquizitors

Growing up, I was a professional wrestling fan. My buddy, Josh, and I enjoy talking about the wrestling gimmicks and the gossip and enjoy making predictions about what direction the storylines should go. We joke about how we could create even better storylines and wrestling entertainment than the stuff we watch together. We also came up with a tag team: Los Perdedors de Inquizitors. Purely as a joke, we created this team of lovable losers who find every possible way to lose a match but win over the hearts of the fans. We would wear awkward masks, butcher the moves of other wrestlers, and do everything in our power to lose each match in a way more unique and surprising than every other match before it. Whenever  we get together, conversation ends up being diverted to this fictional duo and other ways we could incorporate silliness and humor into their shtick. Every year, when we are preparing to attend our annual excursion to an independent event called Blizzard Brawl, we pretend that this is the night the Inquizitors make their long-awaited debut. While the Inquizitors may never actually step foot in the ring, we have had quite an imaginary career already.

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