October 29, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #93 - It's In the Blood

Many childhood memories revolve around professional wrestling. Attending house shows with my family. Witnessing the breakup of the Mega Powers and the birth of Austin 3:16. Creating my own wrestling matches on the top bunk in my bedroom. Playing with my Ultimate Warrior wrestling buddy and my countless action figures. Parading down my hallway to my CD of entrance music. Attempting to stay up late Saturday night to watch a show and then hurrying home from church that very next morning to get a glimpse of the end of another show. Reading  magazines and renting videos from Blockbuster. Collecting cards and creating my own championship belt. Starting a fan club in grade school. Professional wrestling is in the blood.  It's a break from reality and an entertaining way to spend time with others. I loved it growing up, but took a break while in high school. My enjoyment resumed in college and then dipped a bit after graduation before coming into its own as an adult. I enjoy it more than ever and look forward to enjoying it with my own family. You can take the person out of wrestling, but you can never take the wrestling out of a person.

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