October 16, 2014

DD #87 - I'm history

History geekdom runs in my family. My father received a degree in history and had aspirations of teaching it. As a child, I read a good deal of non-fiction, primarily historical pieces about sports. I have always enjoyed geology, which is basically a scientific look at the history of the Earth. I even spend a good deal of  free time watching historical documentaries on the Civil War, Presidents, and professional wrestling. Something about the past motivates me about my own future. However, history never became such an entertaining and  professional part of who I am until I taught the history of Wisconsin, an integral part of the 4th grade curriculum. Native Americans. Fur Trade. Immigration. Statehood. I loved it all. I read book after book, watched show after show, and ventured out to fur trade and civil war encampments to experience the past. When my wife bought me a membership to the Wisconsin Historical Society as an anniversary gift, I knew it was official: I was and still am a  history geek. Even though I now teach kindergarten and am not immersed in teaching the history of my beloved state, I can't stop looking and learning about its amazing history.

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