October 7, 2014

DD # 83 - To Tell the Truth

Growing up without luxuries like air conditioning and cable television, I was somewhat overwhelmed when I was inundated with TV viewing options my freshman year at college. On hot summer days, I yearned to spend time at my cousin's house to enjoy cool temperatures and seemingly unlimited entertainment options. When I graduated college and my dad entered the world of retirement, it took him one day at home on a muggy day to sign up for air conditioning.  It took him a few years to get cable hooked up, but seeing how the introduction of cable changed my life, I now understand his reservations. I spent an unhealthy amount of time doing less than desirable tings in college.  Now, before one jumps to explicit conclusions,  my unhealthy habits involved greasy cheese sticks from Ed's Express and lots and lots of television consumption. I was enamored with the choices and found just about anything more enjoyable than studying and adapting to college life. I spent entire afternoons watching To Tell the Truth re-runs from the 70's on the Game Show Network. Maybe this addiction wasn't the sole reason for my unimpressive 2.2 freshman year GPA, but it certainly was an important factor.

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